Is It Cold Yet?


Sooo y'all are going to be done with me. I've been having these cute little oxford shoes for a year now and never wore them. Literally a whole year and this is my first time pulling them out the box. I don't know why I slept on these oxfords because they are super cute. I purchased them during one of Steve Madden's many BOGO (Buy One Get One) 50% off sales. I thought I was winning because I only paid like $30 for these shoes but since I never wore them I actually wasted money. That's how they get you! Anywho, I'm wearing them now and they are the perfect casual yet dressy shoe. I'm going  to be pulling these out more often this Fall. 

This outfit was really just thrown together with clothes I already had in my closet. I wanted to put an outfit together so I can finally wear the shoes and this is what I came up with. Yes, I am wearing a crop top in the Fall, but honestly it's too hot for the socks and the jacket not the crop. LA weather. 

The lovely socks and the fun skirt are from Forever 21. I'm so obsessed with this skirt I want to wear it with everything. haha. My jacket is from that good ole Zara. You can never go wrong with a good denim jacket guys, they are a must have! Other than that the rest of the outfit has been all over my blog site but I will list them again at the bottom just in case you didn't actually read this blog post ;-)

Shirt: American Apparel
Skirt: Forever 21
Jacket: Zara
Socks: Forever 21
Shoes: Steve Madden      
Purse: Urban Outfitters