{My Metallics}

Let's talk about these bad boys right here. These metallic Oxfords are life! I've worn them three different ways since I got them and they make my outfits look BOMB! First things first these oxfords were only $49.90 from Zara. That's basically free lol. Not really but for some shoes that look expensive that's a really good price. 


I decided to pair it with my white vest because it gives that boyish look that I'm really into right now. But if you want more than one look, you can take the vest off and have more of a causal outfit. Of course I have on a crop top and some boyfriend jeans because that's the easiest style to pull off. 

This isn't about the purse but my new backpack purse is my favorite accessory right now! The multiple colors and the silver detail match my loud shoes perfectly! If you're somebody that likes your accessories to speak for you then these shoes are for you! Click the pictures below to take you directly to these items online and check out my ootd video below =)


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