Sporty Chic

Let's just start off by saying, yes I'm in full support of the athleisure trend that has been going on. Y'all better wear your running shoes, tights and sports bras as an outfit, just make sure it's done right. My bestie Beyonce inspired me to make this post about athletic wear turning into everyday fashion. Even though this sports bra isn't from the Ivy Park collection, it's my favorite sports bra that I've worn out as a top a few times. I got this bra from the PINK section in Victoria Secret a year or so ago. I decided to pair it with these black flare jeans that I got during the Winter sale at Zara. The fit on these jeans are perfect by the way. Initially I wouldn't have thought about pairing my sports bra with these flare jeans and my 6 inch high heels but this outfit is a result of playing around in my closet. Now the cream shaggy vest ties the whole outfit together and gives it major festival vibes! Since I didn't go to Coachella, I wore this outfit during the first weekend to feel like I was there. lol #nochella was in full effect. Are you loving the athleisure trend? Or do you feel like athletic wear is for the gym only? Comment below and don't forget to subscribe to receive #YvetteCorinneStyle updates weekly. =)