Blushing in New York

Hey hey hey! It's the day or should I say week I've been waiting for. I'm in New York ready to experience all of the Fashion Week adventures and the crazy New York traffic. I'm going to have loads of blogs after this week so get ready guys. I don't think you know my level of excitement here. I feel like I just won the lottery I'm so excited. Before I start posting about Fashion Week, I took these photos in LA but they remind me of New York so I felt like this was a perfect time to share them with you guys.

This outfit is really flirty with the floral print crop top and pink skirt. I love this skirt because the length isn't too long but it's not a short mini skirt either. I purchased this skirt at an American Apparel on the boardwalk in Venice beach and it was 50% off. Y'all know AA gets pricey so I had to get this skirt for the sale price.

Fun fact, my first job was at Abercrombie and Fitch, so I have a lot of clothes from there that I don't wear anymore, like this cute little top. Since my clothes still fit from years ago, I was able to pull this top out to pair with this pink skater skirt. The tan shoes and the purse are from Zara. I found a similar purse at Forever 21 when I went the other day for only $19.90. Go snag it while you still have the chance, it'll be super cute for the Fall. Make sure to have a productive and fashionable Wednesday everybody! =)