Favorite Current Trends

How many of you are tired of your parents saying, "I should've just kept my clothes from back in the day" every time you wear something new. This past weekend my mom was in town and that was her favorite phrase to say lol. Like mother I get it, fashion repeats itself just like history. My mom is just as bad as me when it comes to shopping though so we did a lot of window shopping while she was out here. I bought a few pieces but overall I was just browsing to see the newest trends and to get some fashion inspo of course. Check out my top 5 favorite current 70's-90's trends!

1. Chokers have already made a big comeback from the 90's and I am so glad they did. Chokers are my favorite accessory and layering your chokers makes your choker look unique. My solid black choker was sold in a set from Zara but the gold necklaces I used to layer were $5.90 from Forever 21. 

2. Suede was also really popular this past year. There were a lot of suede tops, jackets and cute skirts. I love the suede on suede look too, when it's done right of course. This dainty little suede crop top was only $7.90 from Forever 21. I went on a hiatus from Forever 21 but I went a couple of months ago and they had a lot of good finds for the low. What I saw for the fall was even better than suede, guys velvet is making a comeback......again!!! 

3. Velvet is screaming 90's chic! I saw the best velvet jumpsuit ever from Zara and I almost screamed! Between velvet and mesh I don't know what I love more. 

4. Mesh! You know that 80's style mesh skirt look your mom use to wear? I am here for it! Give me a grunge look with a mesh skirt, crop top and I'm sold. Nasty Gal had the cutest mesh shirts this past weekend. I need to get my hands on at least one. 

5. Flare jeans are still my number 1 favorite. Some people hate flare jeans but honestly anything that makes me look taller I love. You can get flare jeans from just about anywhere nowadays so no need in spending a lot of money on the flare trend.

Look at how I styled my 70's/90's inspired outfit below!