Never Basic With Old Navy

When I'm getting dressed, I normally like to do the most. Most of the time I wear heels, and I rarely wear t-shirts. I almost forgot how much of a staple basic tees are. What I love about basic tees is that they are classic and will never go out of style. Certain styles may be trendy but the basic tee will forever be a closet staple. In this collaboration with Old Navy, I’m going to show you how I style my four favorite Old Navy tees and make them look fabulous.

Whenever I feel like a t-shirt is too loose, I like to tie it in a knot. This makes my waist look smaller and my t-shirt look more stylish. I call this my signature top knot. I paired this beautiful golden yellow tee with some mom jeans and black pumps! Now, I’m ready to go on a movie date with my girlfriends.

Nothing is better than a basic tee with a little writing. What I like about this tee is the material is super soft and I don’t have to do anything to it. I can wear this t-shirt with my overalls and give this girly "Rosé All Day” tee a tomboyish look.

Did I mention how soft Old Navy’s tees are? This long sleeve striped tee is so soft that when I put it on, I don’t want to take it off. No, seriously, I’ve worn it to sleep for the past few nights lol. It’s fitted, so I can just put it on as is. I can tuck it in my olive green high waist jeans, add my black go-to booties, and make this tee ready to hit the town!

My last tee is my favorite because it says “Mascara and Coffee” - two things I can’t live without. I have never cut a shirt before because I normally just buy them cropped, but I honestly like cutting them better. I can make the t-shirt as cropped as I want and it still has that loose t-shirt feel. Since this tee is black and white, I decided to add some color. After cutting this tee into a crop, it went perfect with these wide leg pink pants. This outfit is a little more edgy, so I added my choker and pointy toe black ankle boots. This is by far my favorite look!

 Please comment and let me know which Old Navy tee look is your style. #OldNavy #NeverBasic

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