The Not So Basic Girl


I like to call this outfit the basic but cute, hot but cold outfit. haha before I get into the outfit details, my favorite simple hair style is the puff! If you're a natural girl then you can definitely relate. It's so easy to just throw our hair up in a puff and not have to think about how we're going to do our hair in the morning. So I like to think the same way when it comes to my outfits. 

Some outfits I do put deep thought into it and I'll go out and find pieces to make the outfit pop. But when I just want to throw something on quick, I have a few go-to items that I always wear. For one, I have so many solid color crop tops it's insane. Living in Los Angeles allows me to wear crop tops all throughout the year, so even if it's "Fall" I will still put a crop top on in a heartbeat. 


Another easy thing to throw on is a good pair of denim. It can be a skirt or jeans, a really good pair of denim bottoms will make your outfit look casual yet fashionable. In this outfit, I just grabbed this denim skirt from American Apparel and let the button details down the front do all the talking.

Last thing I will say is to add some random colors. Before I added this plaid shirt around my waist I looked like a basic chick. lol. A typical crop top and jeans kinda girl. Then I added this shirt around my waist and these brown boots to give this outfit some sass. Now I am confident and ready to wear this cute, simple outfit on the town! I'm not going to lie, I normally don't like brown and black together unless it is done right but this worked for me. What do you guys think?