One Piece Swimsuits Under $50!

Heyyyy! For about a month straight I was on the hunt for the a simple but cute one piece swimsuit that wasn't over $50. These swimsuit companies are not playing with these prices. Jeez! So, I wanted to make it my duty to find some really cute one pieces for a decent price and share them with you guys. The green swimsuit that I have on in these pictures is from Topshop. I couldn't find the exact swimsuit on their site but I found the same swimsuit but in orange, linked below! I went into a few more stores and found the cutest one pieces. Target, H&M, Zara, and Forever21 all had very cute swimwear online and in stores, for cheap! Also, there are some online stores with swimwear that you should check out. Amazon (seriously don't sleep on Amazon lol), kit10swim, City Republik, Lulus, and Asos. All of the one pieces I posted below are under $50, so shop away! 

Photography by Suzanne Strong, IG @suzanne_strong