Back to the basics

I've been really casual lately wearing my basic crop tops. I'm sure you know by now but crop tops are my all time favorite thing to wear. For me crop tops and leotards are so easy to wear because I don't have to worry about tucking my shirt in throughout the day. I don't know whats worse, trying to tuck your shirt in or having to keep pulling up your pants? Anyway, I like to pair my crop tops with either heels or tennis shoes and voila! you have a cute, basic outfit. I really hate the word basic but the word is so fitting right now. With this outfit I decided to do some all white tennis shoes. Everyone should own a pair of all white tennis, duh! Tennis shoes are so easy to dress up and make your outfit look stylish and still comfy. With this basic outfit, I decided to just throw on a denim skirt. You can even wear a mini skirt, pencil skirt, or a maxi skirt, whatever you are the most comfortable in. A skirt can make your simple, casual outfit look fun and girly. I got this acid wash denim skirt from the American Apparel warehouse in downtown LA for $15! CRAZY cheap compared to the actual American Apparel store, dang near free.

***If you're ever visiting LA, going to the American Apparel warehouse is a must on your to-do list.*** 


Did I mention I love how this crop top fits? It's stretchy cotton material and really soft. I fell in love with it so I had to buy it in 3 colors. I mean why not, it was only $9.90 from Zara! My shoes are actually my work uniform shoes but they are giving me old reebok vibes. I thought they were perfect for this outfit. Can you say soccer mom chic? haha. In the attempt to keep things spicy, check out our mini ootd video below with me and @redlipstickstain in our basic outfits!