Workout Clothes Under $50

Hey Hey!

Summer, summer, summer time. I’m so excited that Summer is finally here, so you know what that means….it’s bikini season! A couple of months ago I was NOT excited about bikini season. I didn’t feel like my body looked good enough for a bikini. I gained that relationship 15 (like freshman 15 but when you’re in a happy, healthy, eating good food all day relationship), but actually I gained 20lbs in the past year. I was a little insecure about it and decided to get on a work out schedule! My whole point of telling you guys this, is the fact that I’ve been working out a lot more and I’m obsessed with it now! I’ve been doing a mix of Pilates and HIIT. My body loves it! Working out, getting my body right, not for just the Summer, but I want a year round body. Since my workouts have increased, I’ve been needing more and more workout clothes each week. The hunt for good inexpensive workout clothes is real. I’ve found some from Target that I love. The brand is called JoyLab and all of their workout clothes are less than $50! Click through my images below to see some of my faves, including the one in these pictures!