Exactly Where I'm Supposed To Be

Today I woke up with a little more motivation than normal. I worked out yesterday and started the month of March with a clean slate of no sugar and no shopping. It might sound crazy, but I eat sweets entirely too much, and well, my shopping addiction is just that - an addiction. So, I wanted to free myself from both sweets and shopping this month.  Today, March 2nd, I received an email from my graduate school advisor and she said, drum roll please ..................... “I am all cleared for graduation,” I will officially be finished on May 12th.  Guys, I wanted to cry already! This means more than anything to me right now. I wanted so badly to be finished with school last year that I attempted to force all these classes, but instead ended up stressing myself out with trying to finish so quickly. When what I needed was to just take it slow and remind myself that I am exactly where I'm supposed to be with school, work, my blog, and just life in general. So now I'm here - feeling relieved because I am almost finished with that stage of my life and happy that good things are ahead.  

I finally feel like my move to Los Angeles was the right move for me.  Even though I constantly ask myself "Am I supposed to be here?"- living this hustle life, barely making it, taking on new task, being extremely busy, missing my friends from home, away from all my family.  It can get lonely some days, but then really gratifying other days.  Despite all these things, I now know that I am right where I'm supposed to be.  All the time I spent in Los Angeles, meeting people in my craft, and making genuine connections is finally beginning to pay off.  I have a new-found love for Los Angeles!  I mentioned earlier this year how my year started off rough, but now that I am over that part of my life I can see everything clearer. I was supposed to have that job that I hated, but I met so many beautiful people there. I was supposed to quit my job and learn how to spend my money on things I really need and not things I just want.  I was supposed to meet the guy that ended up not working out for me but showed me what kind of love I want and deserve.  I was supposed to lose friendships with people I have been friends with for years to make room for more genuine connections.  Everything I have done up to this point, I was meant to do to make me who I am today.  I can write a list of the many things that I've experienced on this journey that has come back as a blessing in disguise.  That is the beauty of life - Everything happens for a reason and you are always right where you are supposed to be! 


Yvette Corinne