What Last Year Taught Me - Physically, Mentally, and Financially

Now that we are officially into 2017, I want to introduce everyone to my new blog series!  I have been anxiously waiting and anticipating this new year throughout the month of December. It is just something exciting about starting off the year knowing that blessings are already coming my way! The things I worried about last year is officially behind me! Therefore, to help bring in the NEW year, I am beginning a NEW blog series. Today, I am introducing “Tea Talk Tuesdays.” Every Tuesday, I am serving you the best Tea you've ever had! From beauty tips to lifestyle tricks, I want to enlighten you - whether it is something I have gone through or a simple shopping trick I learned. The Tea for this blog is “What Last Year Taught Me - Physically, Mentally, and Financially.”

What I Learned Physically

Diet! - One of the main things I changed physically last year was my diet.  The only diet that I have tried that has worked for my overall body is cutting out red meat and pork. It made me feel lighter and healthier throughout the day.  I recommend that you too find something that you can change in your eating habits, work on it for a month, and see if it is beneficial to your body and your overall health.

Look Good, Feel Good – I believe that if you look good, you will feel good. I like to dress up and do the most when I go places, but when I feel down and out I would always just bum around - NO BUENO! When you are feeling your worst, that is especially the time when you should get up and look your best!  It will change your attitude, and more than likely turn your bad day into a better day.

Drink Lots of Water – This might sound obvious, but drinking water really changed my life! I now ONLY drink water. When I go out to eat, I always ask for water. Not because I am being cheap, but because it is better for my skin and my body of course. I like to drink a full glass of water before I eat a meal (well I try to), and it helps me not overeat. If you are trying to lose weight, then this is something you should try!

What I Learned Mentally

No Expectations! - Last year I learned another very important thing, and that was not to have high expectations from others. When a person goes into any situation with a certain expectation and it doesn’t turn out that way, they normally feel let down. So, this New Year 2017 remember that if someone lets you down it isn’t the end of the world, for they are only human and no one is perfect.

Turning A Negative into A Positive –  I would often let negative outcomes affect me deeply. For example, if I didn’t get the job, I would beat myself up about it.  I’ve been turning those kinds of negative outcomes into positive situations by reminding myself that there are better things out there for me and that one just was not meant to be. In these situations, I have learned to be happy that I got the job interview and that I am qualified to be considered for the position. Therefore, I now know how to use that “negative” outcome to grow and better prepare myself for the next job interview.

What I Learned Financially

$1 A Week Challenge - We don’t always like to talk about finances too much because everyone just wants to stunt! But in all actuality, we do need to discuss how to better manage our money and not just how we spend it. Last year, I did not manage my money nor save the way I needed to. I recall beginning a $1 a day challenge at one time, but this year I want to try the $1 a week challenge instead. Every week I will deposit a dollar times the number of the week it is for this year.  So week one, I will deposit $1, week two I will deposit $2, week ten $10 and so forth (I have a picture reference below).  At the end of the year, I should have $1,378 deposited in my savings! I plan to keep that money in my savings account or pay off a debt.  It’s doable for just about anybody, so you should try it!

30, 20, 50 rule - This one I really like because I can see where my money is going.  According to this rule if a person is on a fixed income, 50% of one’s income should go towards your fixed expenses. Fixed expenses include rent, car payments, phone bills and anything that you know you must pay every month. The other 20% should go towards savings or paying off debt. Your last 30% will be flexible spending.  Flexible spending includes food expenses, gas, and leisure. [Note:] Whether to contribute 10% tithes is your individual decision. This rule is a good way to rationalize your spending and still enjoy life!

Cook More, Eat Out Less! - Finally, we all know this and it is the most practical of them all and that is to cook more, eat out less.  Eating out should be a luxury! Now, if you can afford to eat out a lot, then you got it going on! But, if you want to save money or you are struggling, then you should practice the art of cooking and see how much money you can save in a month. It is crazy how much we can spend on food every month! Get the Mint app and it will break down all your spending habits at the end of each month. This is also a great way to see where your money is going!

That is all I have for you on this lovely Tuesday.  Please let me know if you enjoyed this “Tea” because I will have a lot more “Tea Talk” coming your way in 2017! 


Yvette Corinne

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