Pat McGrath - Lip Kit Review

Hey everybody! I know what you are probably thinking and I'm going to post more beauty post I promise. It's been long overdue so I'm finally reviewing the Pat McGrath lip kit for you guys. If you don't know Pat McGrath, she is one of the world's most influential runway and editorial make-up artist. She has paved the way for several beauty trends and has made her mark in the beauty industry since the 90's. It's safe to say that Pat McGrath is iconic. 

The Lust 004 that was released in September was everything and more! It was only a few things I saw that made me be like, I need this lip kit. While I was at Time Square in New York, I visited their Sephora and snagged me a limited edition Pat McGrath lipkit. I have the Bloodwine Lust 004 kit. It includes Blood 1 lipstick, Blood 2 lipstick, Clear Vinyl gloss, Metallic Gold pigment, and Blood Microfine glitter. It is safe to say that I am in love with this kit. The lipsticks stay on all day, the pigment is amazing and the glitter is so beautiful. I took a few pictures in the lipsticks so you can see what it looks like on me below. Here is the link to her website They are currently sold out of this particular kit, but hopefully they have another release soon! Let me know your favorite color in the comments! <3



Blood 2 is my favorite because it's a good mix between purple and brown! 

Blood 1 is absolutely stunning alone. The red is so vibrant and smooth. Once you add the Blood Microfine glitter it makes the red POP even more. 

Last but not least, the Clear Vinyl gloss with the Gold Metallic glitter is soo bomb! The crazy thing is, you don't need that much glitter to get that much pigment. It's amazing!