Skincare Sunday's - Sun protection

Hey, hey, hey! 

It's been 5 days since I've been in Hawaii and I am in love with this place. Like OMG! I can not wait to share with you guys my Hawaii travel diary. Ahhh! Anywho, this Skincare Sunday's is about the facial sunscreen that I've been using on the trip. It is very very important to have some type of SPF on your skin daily no matter if you're on vacation or not. To get that glow that everyone wants, you must keep your skin hydrated. With that being said, having too much direct sun can dry out your skin. So, instead of looking glowy you just look dry and crusty. Nobody wants a crusty face. I normally use a primer that has SPF in it but since I am on vacation and laying out in the sun, I wanted to make sure my SPF was as high as possible. I wash my face like normal and then apply the Lancome Bienfait UV Sunscreen on my skin BEFORE my makeup. It is super lightweight and oil free. Two things I look at when I'm putting something on my skin.  It's just like normal sunscreen. So, if you apply it without putting on makeup your skin will have that white, ashy look to it after a while. Other than that, I love the product! Perfect for the Summer. They sell this sunscreen at Sephora, Ulta and any department store with a Lancôme booth. Protect that skin ladies!