What you need to know about Haitian black castor oil

Happy Skincare Sundays! If you don’t know by now, I love talking about Skincare. Facial skincare, body skincare, hair skincare (is that even a thing? lol), just overall self care! This post is not just about skincare products. This post is about a product that changed my life.   

Before this brand, Kreyol Essence, came into my life I had no idea Haitian black castor oil even exist. I received this package with all these beautiful products to try. Haitian moringa oil and cleanser for your face, Haitian body and hand cream and Haitian black castor oil for your hair! I've had Jamaican black castor oil for years and the main thing I didn't like about it was the smell. However, this brand’s Haitian black castor oil smells really good!! The smell of this Haitian castor oil makes it much easier to use than JBCO. Also, the drop applicator is another plus about Kreyol Essence's Haitian black castor oil. 

Haitian Black Castor Oil


What you NEED to know about Haitian black castor oil

Like Jamaican black castor oil, this oil is enriched in omega 6 fatty acids and Ricinoleic acid. What makes the oil good for things like hair growth, skin care, sore muscle relief, and soothing joint pains is the Ricinoleic acid. The Ricinoleic acid gives castor oil anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that makes the oil a household favorite. 

Kreyol Essence's says, the Haitian elders use a traditional hand processing method which preserves more of the oil's natural property. Compared to JBCO, Haitian black castor oil is said to have more Ricinoleic acid, Iodine and a lower PH. All things that are important in the castor oil properties.

I've been using my Haitian black castor oil to stimulate hair growth, especially the edges of my hair, on my skin when I need moisture and on my stomach when I'm cramping. One of my friends told me she uses it for cramps, by heating it up (dipping the bottle in hot water so you don’t take away the properties) and then rubbing it on the area that is in pain. I tried it and guys, it really works! The rosemary mint scent is an added aromatherapy touch. When I say it changed my life, I wasn't playing. All of the products have been heavy in my skincare and body care rotation this past month. I wanted to share with you guys why I have been loving Haitian black castor oil and why you should definitely try it out!

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Yvette Corinne