Mad Hippie Skincare Review




Happy Skincare Sunday's guys!

Now y'all know I love trying out new skincare products and I like to give the products 1-2 weeks before I do my review on them. WELL I received almost all of the Mad Hippie product to try and post about on social media. I tried the products for a few days before I made the initial post on my Instagram. At the time I posted on IG,  I LOVED the products. They were working well with my skin, I didn't have any problems and I really loved the Vitamin C serum. I did some extensive research on these products before I received them and was super excited to try them out. So yes, I was hyping these products up on the gram. Shortly after a week went heart was broken. 

I NEVER, I repeat, NEVER have a really bad experience with skin care products. There's a first time for everything. Day 5 of me using the products, I did the same routine I've been doing the first 4 days, but this time i used a different makeup routine after applying the products. I looked into the mirror an hour later and my face broke out in my cheekbone area and my forehead. It wasn't like pimples, it was more like a rash or an allergic reaction to something. I've been using the makeup products for years, therefore I initially thought it was a combination of the makeup and the skincare products combined. I continued to use the entire Mad Hippie skincare line and stopped wearing makeup, but nothing changed. That is when I realized I had to stop using this brand of skincare products. My skin was not getting better and I was starting to feel insecure about it, so now I use my old skincare products. My skin has cleared up, thank God, and I'm going to start using a new product to review in a few weeks. 

Do I think these products are bad? No. I honestly think something in that formula didn't work out with my skin. They are amazing products for someone but just not my skin! I know some people who LOVE these products, so I was surprised they didn't work for me. This goes to show you that everything isn't for your skin type and you need to find what works best for YOU!