How I Tie My Headscarf

Hi my lovelies! A few people asked me How I Tie My Headscarf and where do I get them from, so I wanted to help you ladies out. =)

Since it's still cold outside *rolls eyes* and my hair has been dry and brittle, I have been wearing the headscarf as a protective style. Along with using the headscarf as a protective style, I like to wear my headscarf for days when my twist out doesn't come out as planned or I'm just not ready to take the twist down. Also, I like to keep my conditioner in my hair for 24 hours so I wear my headscarf when I need to leave the house with the conditioner still in. Basically what I am trying to say is, whoever invented this thing is heaven sent! In my video below, I have in one of my favorite protective styles. I'm wearing the KRSHairgroup knatural koarse clip ins with my tied headscarf! 

Where do I purchase these beautiful headscarves, you ask? Literally just about anywhere! If you get a really big scarf then you'll be fine. I normally don't like to use the silky scarves because they slide around too much. So, I would recommend using the cotton or polyester scarves. Forever21 has some inexpensive scarves and they are the perfect sizenfor using as a headscarf. If you want to get fancy, then Express has some cute scarves as well. I tagged a few below that are reasonable and nice to wear on your fabulous hair! Also, don't forget to check out my video below on "How I Tie My Headscarf" and subscribe to my Youtube channel!