Skincare Sunday's - Summer Glow Routine

Hey my Skincare lovers! I know it's been a minute but I'm back with the skincare post. A lot of people have been asking me "what are you using to get that glow!?" Well, I got all the glow tea for you in this post!  

For the past month I've been using all new products from The Butter Bar. The Butter Bar is are made with raw natural ingredients, 100% natural and 90% plant-based. The products are made in Houston, Texas and are black owned. Aside from supporting black owned business, this products is amazing! The glow has been so real y'all. Skin has been flourishing left and right. I've been using a lot of new products this summer but this is my favorite by far. You guys want to know the best part, I'm only using 4 products! If you read in my last post, "5 Tips For Oily Skin", I talked about how less is more. I use this line of products everyday and then exfoliate twice a week with a scrub. Simple enough, right!?  

What products am I using? 

1st step: Black Honey Face Wash. When I first started using this product, I didn't like that the face wash doesn't lather. I felt like my skin wasn't really getting cleaned because it wasn't soapy enough for me. Then after a week, I got use to less lather and realized that my face wasn't dried out as much after each wash. So, now I kind of like the no lather face wash. 

2nd step: Apple, Honey and Green Tea Face Toner. The face toner is just that, a toner. It has great consistency and it helped to balance out my oily/dry combination skin. 

3rd step: Aloe-Popiya Moringa Oil Facial Moisturizer. What like about this moisturizer is the fact that it doesn't make your face too oily. I already have oily/combination skin, so I am constantly trying to keep the oil away. This moisturizer isn't too thick and you only need a dime size per use. 


Last step: Melan-In Skin Nourishing Serum + SPF. This is the key to the summer glow! This serum is everything and more. Besides the extra glow and plump it gives my skin, the serum smells heavenly. If you had to ask, I'll rate this product a 10 out of 10! 


And that my friends is how I've been getting this Summer glow! 



Yvette Corinne