Shamelessly Fabulous

This past weekend I was overwhelmed with so much girl power it was crazy! Saturday night I attended Beyonce's Formation World Tour and she told everyone in the audience to keep striving for our dreams because we too can be on that stage. Okay Bey, noted. But what was even better was Sunday when I had the honor to be among so many girl bosses, I was inspired.

If you don't know, Maya better known as Shameless Maya, had a birthday/youtube anniversary celebration Sunday in downtown LA. I've been admiring her since she's started her channel and she is very much so my Youtube inspiration. Her creativity is intriguing and her shamelessness is courageous. I met sooo many wonderful women who are just as hungry and passionate about what they do that I couldn't help but be inspired. I also had the opportunity to meet the beautiful Hey Fran Hey and the lovely Shannon Boody which made my day. The event was full of laughs, good conversation, great advice and just an overall good time. Now you know I had to shamelessly promote myself. Yvette Corinne was in full effect and I met some great people just by looking "fab". 

I couldn't wait for the perfect moment to wear my new favorite shirt. It's from Zara of course but it was worth every penny. Since off-the-shoulder tops are the number one trend right now I just had to get one. I love this top for two reasons. 1. It's linen so I don't have to worry about ironing it (I don't own an iron smh) 2. It has this scrunchy band under the shirt so it's tight and I don't have to wear a bra (what are those?) I literally just threw this top on and was ready to go.  I received so many compliments on my top at the event, I felt good about my outfit choice. Quick word of advice, whatever brand you are trying to promote make sure you represent your brand at all times! 

As for accessories, I paired this top with this cute little choker set that I just got from Forever21 for $5.90! That's practically free. lol and I pulled some old Jessica Simpson's heels out of my closet as well because they were blue stripes which is another trend right now. I was loving my Spring outfit that day and I felt real trendy and fabulous. I'm going to be talking about summer trends real soon but in the meantime check out my other fashion post or lifestyle post for inspiration!