Summer Stripes


Hey everybody! I've been gone for a minute but I promise it'll never happen again. Life just hit me at full force and I didn't know how to manage everything that was going on. But I am back and I'm better!  


Now let's just start off by saying it is entirely too hot this summer and summer just officially started. The only good thing about summer right now is literally every store is having a sale. Yes, it's sale season! This is the perfect time to go get that off the shoulder top you've been eyeing or that denim dress that is screaming your name. My favorite trend right now is anything with blue and white stripes. I bought both the striped ruffle crop top and wide leg trousers from Zara. To make this outfit causal I paired it with some all white converse. What I love most about the blue and white stripes trend is the fact that they're sooo many variations of these colored stripes. With the endless variations of stripes it makes mixing and matching so much fun. You'll be surprised what actually looks good together when you start mixing and matching prints. Also, I think this outfit would be really cute for 4th of July with a pop of red accessories or lipstick. What do y'all think? 

Let me know some of your favorite summer trends in the comments below!


Don't forget to check out that good ole Zara sale, you won't be disappointed.