Balling On A Budget

Hey hey!!

I know I talked about my goal to shop less this year, but I haven’t shared with you guys something I’ve been using to shop less and save more money. This isn’t a paid post, I just really want to share this app with you guys because I’m obsessed with it right now. The app is called Qapital. If you haven’t heard of it, it helps you have a savings account without having to start a savings account with a bank. What I like most about it, is the fact that you can set up your savings as a reward system. I have mine set up to take money out of my account every week and it goes to whatever goal I have set up. I want to get my debt down 50%, so that’s a goal I have on Qapital. I started at the end of 2018 and I’ve already saved so much. I feel like I have to sacrifice my shopping habits to end this year with a bang. If you’re interested in getting the app here’s s link to get started! I promise you’re going to love it! Check it out here!


Since I’ve been shopping less, I’ve found a way to wear my slip dress another way! I posted a video on my Instagram of me wearing the dress two ways, but I wanted to share with you guys how I made the slip dress perfect for the winter!


It’s all about layering these days. I originally styled this dress with over-the-knee boots and a jacket, but in this outfit I decided to put a sweater on top and added a belt. So chic and it makes the dress look like a skirt! If you missed my last blog post, Slip Away With Me has all the details of the previous way I styled this dress. Let me know which look you like best!

Zebra Sweater|Gold Buckle Belt|Plum Slip Dress|Western Boots