Slip Away With Me

Hey hey!

Happy Tuesday! If you read my last post, then you know I’m trying to shop less 2019. Since I’m shopping less that means I’m putting my money else where. One thing I want to put my money towards this year is travel! Growing up we used to take a big family vacation every Summer. I always had some sort of trip planned. So it’s in my blood to travel! With that being said, I want to go a few places this year.

When I travel I like to coordinate my outfits with the places I go to. I want all my pictures to be fit the vibe of wherever I’m traveling to. I know I’m not the only person who does this. This year I want to go somewhere with beautiful architecture. Last year, I went to a lot of tropical places, but I want to experience something else. My list consist of Bali, Barcelona, Morocco, Beijing, and the list goes on. I found this beautiful slip dress that I know will look amazing in all my travels this year. It’s something you could wear to so many places, and still fit the vibe.

It’s something about the slip dress that I love! It’s so simple, yet sexy and elegant at the same time. What I love most, is the fact that you can wear them so many ways. With a T-shirt underneath or on top and the bottom of the dress is now a skirt. Or with a turtleneck underneath, belted with cute accessories. The options are endless with this dress. The dress also comes in different colors! I linked my outfit below. Happy shopping!


Cream Beret|Yellow Trench Coat|Plum Slip Dress|Snakeskin Over-the-knee Boots

Do you guys have any travel plans for 2019? I would love to know where you’re traveling!