Galentine's day...


February 14th, 2016, while everyone was out with their significant others (or lack there of) I was spending my day of love with my roommate. Normally on Valentine's Day I'm sitting around trying to ignore the fact that everyone is in love except for me, so this year I decided to do something different. Why not make the best out of this holiday and spend it with another single friend, right?

I went to the Box Fox pop up location February 13th at The Grove and put together the best gift box for my galentine. They had several stations where you can pick individual items and make your own personalized gift box. I got my galentine a 'Kate Spade' notepad, hot pink pens, a scarf and a card. And it was surprisingly inexpensive. I  also got this super cute pink water bottle for myself. Of course I had to get myself a little something something (we have to treat ourselves every now and then haha.) 


We started our day having brunch at The Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. They have the best lunch buffet I've ever seen. I normally don't like buffets because I can't eat too much in one sitting but this was just right. They had a Ciroc brunch event going on so we spent most of the brunch spotting celebrities. I saw Kelly Rowland and Vanessa Simmons! Kelly Rowland guys, I was freaking out! After we stuffed our face we made our way to the pool and relaxed our day away. The weather was perfect might I add! 

When we got home we made Valentine's day cookies and had a blast trying to make fancy designs. I don't know why we thought we were Betty Crocker but we tried. It was fun just spending time together and not thinking about being single. Now that is how a single lady spends Valentine's Day! You don't have to be in a relationship to enjoy the day of love. If you're single next year make sure you make the best of this day and have fun with your best girl friend!