Staying Organized.

This year is all about staying on top of your goals. "A Goal Without A Plan is Just A Wish." You can have several goals but if you don't have a plan on how you are going to achieve them then they are just wishes. 

But staying organized can help you achieve those goals! 


In the beginning of the year, I did some serious research because I wanted to find THE perfect planner and I found this lovely one. It's the Erin Condren Life Planner, you can purchase your own at She is currently having a 20% off sale on all her planners btw ;-) I absolutely love mine! 

It's not too late to organize your year and plan out your goals. This planner helps me write down literally everything I have to do and my goals for the month. When you're all over the place like me it is a MUST to plan out your week. Staying organized really helps me juggle work, school, modeling, Youtube and now my blog. I write down everything and make sure I do all of my homework before I plan anything else. Sometimes I feel like I have too much free time so I instantly start thinking of my next video or blog post. But enough about me, lol back to the planner. 

One thing I like about this planner is at the beginning of each month she has a "goals" column. You can list all you goals for the month so you can see it every time you look at your month's overview. Another thing I like is at the end of each month she gives you a page where you can reflect and write about that month. Having your goals in your planner makes it easy for you to look at previous month's goals and see if you achieved them or not. If not, you can challenge yourself and add that goal to the next month's goal. 

Another thing I love about this planners is the fact that you can pick your own covers. My original cover motivated me a lot but when I found out I can personalize my own cover, BRUH! I went overboard and now I have three new personalized covers for my Life Planner. They are soooo pretty! If you already have your planner for the year then you're on the right path to staying organized, just remember to actually use it. =)

I have a video on my Youtube channel where I talked about staying on top of your goals for the year. I list 5 tips to help you stay on top of your goal/new year resolution. Make sure you check it out below if you need a little goal motivation. Let's start off the beginning of March with some "Yvette Corinne" tea.....

Stay Organized. Stay Motivated. Stay Inspired.