Trying something new...

Hey everybody!

So I decided I wanted to add somewhat of a diary entry on my blogs or something like my thought process and my words of advice. With that being said here is my first entry and it's about trying something new and living life, hope you enjoy it!


I woke up the other day and said instead of my normal morning routine I'm going to do something different. Normally, I wake up, check my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and subconsciously compare my life to someone else's life (that I probably don't know btw.) I'm either motivated by someone else's life or I'm jealous. Yes jealous. It can get super discouraging just seeing someone live their life and feeling like I can't do any of those things. Until you realize I can have that life. 

I literally have to tell myself, I want to do this and get up and do it. So yesterday one of my friends asked me did I want to go horseback riding and of course my first response was "girl how much is that mess?" haha. But I had to say to myself, "Yvette you spend money on materialistic things all day everyday and don't think twice about it, get up and go live your life" I literally had to say that to myself or I would have been in my bed scrolling through all 5 of the social media apps that we can't live without. Instead my friend and I woke up early yesterday morning and went horseback riding. It was so much fun just enjoying the weather, Los Angeles scenery and having nice conversation while riding on a horse. It was actually a reasonable price and something fun to do that actually requires getting out of the house and living.  

It doesn't take a lot of money to have fun and enjoy life. If you save your money and spend responsibly you will have extra cash laying around to do more adventurous activities and take trips. Use your money to live and not just spend it on things you don't need. I might not have the ideal bank account right now and I might not be exactly where I want to be in my life but I refuse to sit in the house watching someone else live their life. I have to remind myself everyday that I too can live MY life! Check out some of my pictures below from my first horseback ride!