Stop Comparing Yourself to Becky with the Good Hair

I've been on an emotional roller coaster these past few days really just waiting to get in Formation this Saturday. Yes in the meantime, I'm going to listen to Lemonade and get all in my feelings until the concert. So I'm listening to Beyonce's x Sorry and you know the part "he better call Becky with the good hair" comes on and a spirit of jealousy came over me.  

Now, it's easy to be jealous in this social media generation where everybody is displaying their highlight reels. All of the good things that happen to them, job promotions, best photos, just their best moments. Cool. I'm not against it, I do it too. It just gets really sad when we start comparing and obsessing over other people's highlight reels. Now quite frankly, I don't even know who Becky with the good hair is. But when I first heard Beyonce say that I instantly thought of my Becky. No I'm not in a relationship and my man is not cheating on me with Becky. No I'm not telling anyone to call Becky with the good hair. What I'm saying is Becky is the chick that us women compare ourselves to. It's just something about her that we think is better than our own self. Now Becky very much so can represent the girl who your man cheated on you with and your'e trying to figure out "why her?", but in my case she is the girl that makes me insecure. Like what does Becky have that I don't? I look at some girls on social media daily and get jealous of their lives yet I still love them. Like how is she my favorite model, I love her, she's perfect but I'm jealous of her at the same time. 

What's worse being jealous or crazy!?! Very often I catch myself saying "well she's really pretty that's why she does this" or "I wish I could be like her she's living life." When in all actuality I could be someone else's Becky. Someone else could have these exact feelings about me. But of course I don't see it like that. I get insecure about the thought of Becky even being around my "man" so I'm too busy trying to figure out why am I not like Becky. 

Becky, why you gotta have good hair and I don't? Becky, why does it seem like you get everything handed to you? After I go through this thought process, I am shortly reminded that me and Becky are two completely different people. No I'm not in competition with Becky, I'm in competition with MYSELF. If I invest all of the energy I devoted in looking into Becky's life into my own life, then I could be doing what Becky is doing and more. What if I praised the qualities I love about myself instead of always pointing out my flaws? What if I stopped making excuses and stopped comparing my life to others? You never know, I might not be jealous anymore and actually be truly happy. Happy for Becky, happy about my life, just overall happy about where my life could go. Because now I'm aware that me and Becky aren't the same and it's suppose to be a different journey for us. It's okay to enjoy someone else's life and want to be like them but you have to remember that you don't know Becky's story and what she's been through or going through. Her highlight reel is just that, highlights. So let's stop comparing ourselves to others, stop being jealous of people we don't even know and ask yourself, what are you doing to make yourself/life better?

Hopefully not comparing yourself to Becky with the good hair.