Am I Getting Engaged This Year!?

Hey hey!!

This is going to be a crazy year for me. I’m not even ready for all the events to unfold, but I’m excited! I’m moving in less than a month and I’m supposed to be getting engaged this year! Yes, you read that right. Some time this year I should be getting engaged and it’s crazy just thinking about it. I know it’s kind of weird to know that I’m getting engaged this year, but our relationship has been very different than the normal.

One of my married friends said to me, “you’re not supposed to know about your engagement,” but that’s the beauty of how we’re doing this relationship, we talk about everything. Being in a celibate relationship puts a timeline on everything. When Rodney and I started dating, we went into the relationship with marriage in mind. Rodney was already celibate, so he was only dating to marry. He told me he could see himself marrying me and the rest is history. We were already friends prior to dating, so we already knew a lot about each other which helped us tremendously. Knowing that we had marriage in mind helped give us a timeline on when everything is going down. I’ve seen too many relationships where the couples have been “dating” for 10 years before the guy decides to finally propose. But if you think about it, the guy doesn’t have any desire to speed up the process if you’re already doing everything like you’re married. I know every relationship is different and being celibate might not be for everyone, but for me it has been life changing. I don’t have to wait around years hoping that my boyfriend is going to propose to me. It’s really refreshing to know that it’s happening soon enough.

With all that being said, I should be engaged before the year is over (fingers crossed lol). Annnd I honestly can’t wait! Obviously we’re surrendered to God’s timing and His perfect plan, but it has definitely been good for us setting this type of goal with our unique relationship. Our relationship has been amazing so far and I don’t even think about the fact that we’re celibate…not that much at least lol.


Yvette Corinne