3 Tips To Avoid Phubbing Up Your Relationship

Hey hey!

I am officially back. Woohooo! I just recently moved into a new apartment and that was the longest process of my life. I’m not even going to lie I didn’t know how to manage my blog site, instagram, my relationship, my puppy, work and then trying to move all at once! Kudos to everyone out there who are doing it all, you guys are the real MVPs, because I struggled and my lack of blog post showed for it.

But anywho, now on to this blog topic for today. I was shooting content one day and I instantly thought about this topic. Social media and relationships are a very interesting thing. I hear stories from my friends and read tweets about how relationships don’t work these days because of social media. A lot of people I know have an issue with their partners liking people of the opposite sex’s photos and checks their direct messaged to make sure they’re not messaging other people. For me, I don’t have the energy to stress over stuff like that so I trust that my partner respects me enough to not do anything that I wouldn’t like on social media. That’s the only thing thing I ask because I know how much social media can affect a relationship. . It’s something that relationships didn’t have to worry about when social media didn’t exist. It’s a whole new world now that we have access to anyone you ever dreamed of. In my relationship, we actually don’t worry about other people on social media or let likes and follows be an issue. Our biggest issue is actually because of me. I spend so much time on social media and not enough on my man…..and that’s a issue.

If you’re like me and you’re a content creator, blogger, work anywhere remotely in digital media then you are on your phone, computer, or iPad majority of the day. As someone who doesn’t work in that field, it can be super annoying when someone around you is always on their phone. Imagine trying to talk to someone or get their attention and their scrolling their life way. It’s super annoying! My boyfriend and I have talks about it ALL the time. Balancing the phone usage while being a top notch girlfriend is a lot of work. haha. If that is something you go through in your relationship, I listed 3 tips that can help limit your phone usage and give your partner more attention.

  1. Putting a limit on your iPhone for social media usage using the new Screen time feature for iPhone is SUPER helpful . I give myself 3 and a half hours a day to scroll on IG, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. So that means I have to use my time wisely. It helped me a lot because when my time hits, my iPhone shuts those apps off and I can only access them with a passcode. No notifications show up or anything. It’s great! Since I’ve started doing that I’ve noticed that we don’t have the conversation about me being on my phone too much anymore.

  2. When you’re eating or on a date, leave your phone in another room or in your handbag. If you’re like me then you pick up your phone and open apps subconsciously. It’s very distracting to your partner because it looks like you’re not interested. Don’t keep your phone on the table or take it out of your handbag and you’ve solved that issue!

  3. Don’t grab your phone as soon as you wake up. Waking up and getting on social media as soon as you wake up has become the norm. It’s such a bad habit that we have created and it’s good to practice giving yourself time to meditate or pray first thing in the morning. If you are traveling with your partner or if you live together, grabbing your phone and not showing your partner love and affection first can be disheartening. Lets get in the habit of not grabbing our phone first thing in the morning.


Those are just a few tips that I believe can help you if you and your partner are having issues with obsessive social media/phone usage. I will forever love social media, but let’s make it work for us not against us.


Yvette Corinne