Does Ring Size Matter!?

Hey hey! 

I’m back with another relationship blog. I’m so into these topics these days, so expect more from me on relationships and lifestyle tings. Now ring size. Let’s get right into it. I’ve had long talks with friends and I’m very curious to know how you guys feel. When it comes to your engagement ring, do you care about the diamond size or it does it not matter to you? 

Growing up, I used to dream of a grand wedding with 200+ people, a lavish $5,000 wedding gown and a ring so big that you can’t even look at it for long. Basically, I dreamed of a fairytale wedding/proposal. Fast forward to my adult life and I’m like, why did I ever want that? Nothing is wrong with big elaborate weddings, I just know that’s not my vibe anymore. Same for engagement rings. I could actually do without the engagement ring, but in today’s society if you don’t have a ring are y’all really married!? So I finally went to look at rings to show my partner the style I like. And omg!? The prices! I couldn’t believe a ring was the same price of a car. Instantly I was like I don’t mind getting a baby diamond. But I know my partner wants to make sure I LOVE it. So what do you think? When it comes to your ring, would you love your man the same if he bought you a baby diamond? Do you care if it’s a big diamond? Should your ring be 3x your man’s monthly income? Let me know how you feel!