Testimony Tuesday: I Finally Realized Why My Relationships Never Worked!

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Happy Tuesday! I just realized for some odd reason, I really like Tuesdays. It’s like a really good feeling to know I got past Monday, so I’m really excited about Tuesday. I don’t know. lol. But it is Tuesday and I wanted to start something called Testimony Tuesday’s. It won’t necessarily be anything long and drawn out every Tuesday, but something I wanted to share with you guys as a testimony each week. And if anything happened to you the week prior then please share it with me in the comments below. I love to hear you guys’ stories! This week’s testimony is about why my relationships never worked.


I used to look at relationships different, until my current one. I would date guys for reasons that I later learned didn’t matter. Like why am I only interested in you because you’re really tall or wear nice shoes? Lol idk but I’m glad I realized those things don’t matter when you find someone who compliments you.


When I say find someone who compliments you I don’t mean someone who just tells you you’re pretty all day (even though that’s sweet AF). I’m talking about someone who compliments you and your lifestyle. For me, I’m very religious and I never used curse words growing up. Talk about a goody two shoe. But when I’m dating someone I want him to be someone who doesn’t use profanity, and if he does not every other word or it just feels weird to me. I also realized I love going to church and it makes more sense if I date a guy who loves going to church too. When they don’t love it and I have to force it, it never works out for me. I used to date guys who lived a completely different lifestyle from me and I was confused as to why it didn’t work. Ha! My current boyfriend is everything I didn’t know I needed. He already fit into the my lifestyle without me having to force it. He goes to church and loves the Lord on a level that I used to dream of dating. He’s willing to help me do pretty much everything. Take my photos, record my videos, edit my videos, help me come up with ideas, almost everything for my brand. And the best part about it, he enjoys it! He went to school for this stuff. He even has a passion for fashion. He literally fit my lifestyle to a T. We like to think we’re a perfect match. Dating him made he realize I was dating men that had nothing to do with my lifestyle and couldn’t compliment me whatsoever. That’s why my relationships never worked.

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My only advice to you would be date someone who you don’t have to ask 100 times to be apart of your life. Date someone who already has the same interest as you. Date someone who fits your world so perfectly that it scares you. And most importantly, date someone who doesn’t just match your fly, but matches the highest version of yourself!


Yvette Corinne