Testimony Tuesday: 3 Things That Helped Me With Procrastination

Hey hey!

It’s been exactly 2 weeks since we started the new year! What have we accomplished? Are we still keeping up with our goals? I’ve been going hard with creating and putting out content. I promised myself that I was going to keep my blog site updated every week, no matter what. That was one goal I gave myself that I pray I can stick to. Aside from that, I already feel like I’ve been letting some of my goals fall to the way side. I’m not sure if I’m making excuses 2 weeks in or I’m just over doing it. This past Sunday at church, my pastor said something that really resonated with me. He was talking about perspective and prayer and a whole bunch of stuff that would take me a whole 30 minutes to explain. Luckily, we have podcast and things to play the sermon back. However, that sermon led me here. 3 Key Steps To Stop Procrastinating.

  1. Change Your Perspective - Now I know you’re probably thinking, how does my perspective relate to procrastination, but think about it. If you have an assignment due in 1 week, you’re instantly going to say, I have 6 days to do the assignment and put it off. Something Pastor Toure said while breaking down the Lord’s prayer. “Give us this day our daily bread" essentially God wants us to treat today as the most precious day on Earth and be the greatest we can be. Not saying “tomorrow I’m going to do it”, but doing it today and killing it. If you have an assignment due in a week, do it today! The assignment is going to be even better the day you decide to give it your all instead of putting it off. The most powerful day you have is today!

  2. Saying It Out Loud - For me, I have to say what I’m doing out loud before I believe it. If I don’t believe in what I’m doing, then it will never get done. When people ask me my 3 month plan, I stumble. It’s like I’m not confident about my own plans. Then I realized I wasn’t saying my goals out loud. I wasn’t praying about my goals out loud. I wasn’t confident about my goals out loud. After I started praying out loud and asking for guidance for what I wanted to do, I started doing it! It was crazy. I stopped procrastinating and just started doing it.

  3. Change Your Environment - I know I said something about it before in a recent blog post, but your environment really changes your mood. If you’re not in the mood to get something done, a lot of times you just need a new fresh environment! I go into detail about how Choosing The Right Environment is key on that blog post. Definitely check it out, because it really helped me.

If you have any tips that helped your procrastination let me know in the comments below!