Cleaning Out My Closet!

Hi guys! Thank you so much for enjoying my first two "Tea Talk" posts. I am thrilled to know that my Tea was something that you could benefit from and use as you continue your successful new year.  Since it is a brand new year, I plan to continue working on bettering myself. Therefore, this Tea Talk post is about "Cleaning Out My Closet!   

When I say "Cleaning Out My Closet," I mean that figuratively as well as literally. I'm "letting go" of any clutter or baggage for the new year! I want my focus this year to be on living a minimal lifestyle. I want less stuff and less meaningless relationships, and everything I buy and everyone I let into my life will be for a purpose. I feel like I have had too many one-sided relationships, and I want all my connections to be genuine and pure. I am tired of holding onto relationships/things that aren't bringing me value. I sometimes get overwhelmed by having too many people in my life. I begin to feel obligated to be 100% available to everyone. I learned the hard way that that is impossible and I was stretching myself thin.

So, this is how I am decluttering my closet for 2017!  My closet cleaning consists of erasing numbers in my phone that I never use, cleaning out my social media followings, and cleaning out my actual closet. I think it is very important to do a "closet cleaning" twice a year.  From the numbers in my phone to the clothes in my closet, I now realized that many are from years ago. Nothing is wrong with old clothes just as long as you are wearing them, and true friends that you've had forever are priceless.

I went through all of my clothes and separated the things that I haven't worn in the past few years from the clothes that I still wear from time to time. After that, I made a donation pile of clothes and another pile of clothes that I can sell. I decided to sell my like-new clothes on this app called Poshmark. There are several other clothing apps out there - Depop, Ebay, Etsy, Asos Marketplace, Refashioner, and Vinted - just to name a few.  However, I personally have used and prefer Poshmark.

Why do I like Poshmark? Poshmark is a virtual closet app that lets you sell clothes, shoes and accessories. It is kind of like Instragram, but for shopping!  You start off by making a personal profile for yourself by adding all of your measurements and the brand of clothes that you are most interested in. This helps the app market closets that closely fit your shopping taste. After you create your profile, Poshmark will invite you to a "Posh Party."  "Posh Party" is a virtual shopping party, hosted by Poshmark with different themes throughout the day. You can also shop around the showrooms and follow closets that show up on your curated home feed, like Pinterest. It is great!  Poshmark also sends you a prepaid label for the customer which makes the delivery process extremely easy. This is not a sponsored post lol I just really like the app. 

All of the resale app services I listed above are free to get started, so if you are trying to get rid of some clothes you should definitely try out one of these apps. As well as getting rid of your clothes, make sure you are doing a thorough check when it comes to deleting numbers out of your phone and cleaning your social media. Remember you are what you consume. If you have too much negative activity on your social media feeds or in your life, then it is time to clean it up! *SHAMELESS PLUG* Click this link to head on over to my closet or if you already have the Poshmark app, follow my closet @YvetteCorinne. Happy Shopping, and I hope you try my "Tea Tip" for this week and "Clean Out Your Closets." 

Click the image to shop my closet!

Click the image to shop my closet!