My first G I V E A W A Y!

Happy Tuesday Everybody!

I want to dedicate this Tea Talk post to my very first giveaway!! In a week, I will be celebrating my 1-year blog-versary and I'm sooo excited. It feels good to actually believe in myself and watch my baby grow. (Yes, my blog is my baby lol) I never thought that I would be considered a "blogger" of any type. I've always been obsessed with other bloggers, reading articles, wishing I could do those things, and then one day I realized that I could. Now, I'm here doing my very first giveaway! I wanted this giveaway to be personal and something that I would enjoy, so I went out and purchased all of these things with my hard-earned dollars. Haha! I just really want to give back to the people that support me in anyway possible, so I thought this would be nice.               ~GIVEAWAY rules below~                            

Power Of Now

My giveaway consist of an inspiring book called "The Power of Now". I'm all about living a positive lifestyle and being the best you that you can be. I was really interested in this book when I was looking up motivational books for the new year, so I think it will be great if you're trying to stay inspired!


In addition, I am giving away this super cute marble journal! This journal may be used for everyday journaling, writing to express how you feel, jotting down what's on your mind, or just if you want to take notes while reading the book.


Last but not least, the love collection from Lifestyle With Ivory and Ash. If you aren't familiar with them yet, then I'm here to enlighten you on these amazing women, Deun Ivory and Lauren Ash. They have a lifestyle brand for women of color that is based on illustrations and affirmations. "[Their] second collection,love, centers on love roots in three types of valuable relationships: relationships with self, relationship with kin, and relationship with a significant other." Since this is the universal month of love, this collection is perfect! I'm very obsessed with these ladies and everything they do, so I want you guys to experience their awesomeness. Plus they just launched their brand in December of 2016 and recently got featured in Nylon Magazine in their article featuring "14 black owned business and services you need to support." Amazing! Go check out their website 

Image by @DeunIvory

Image by @DeunIvory




Now I know you're wondering how you can win these lovely items. Well, it is super easy. All you have to do is make sure you are subscribed to my blog, follow me on IG @YvetteCorinne, and comment below by telling me your favorite black owned business and why! I want to support some new black owned businesses during black history month, so give me some great places! Good Luck Beautiful People!!



Yvette Corinne