Once You Plant The Seed, It Will Grow!

My favorite quote if you haven't noticed is "Bloom Where You Are Planted." What I love most about this quote is that it signifies growth. It says to me, you are your best when you are doing what you're called to do and what you love. Several things showed me this past week that I need to focus on what I love, my talents and then I will eventually grow.

It took me pretty much 2 years to make sense of that statement "you need to focus on what you love and you will eventually grow." I was struggling trying to find my niche and find out what I really wanted to do. Graduating from one of the top Universities in Texas, I was expected to start working a corporate job right after graduation. However, during my last year in college I didn't feel like that was what I should be doing with my life. If you read my "Why Did I Move to LA" blog then you know all the in between so I will spare you the details. But go check that post out if you haven't already. ANYWAY, I moved to Los Angeles and that is where it all began. 

When you move to a big city like Los Angeles it can be scary. Scary because you are exposed to just a little more than you were before. Scary because everyone claims they can help you get to where you need to be. And just scary because it's expensive to live and you might have to readjust your lifestyle. But scary is honestly what helped me grow and get out of my comfort zone. I can honestly look at my last week self and see growth. I can identify my flaws and actually work on improving them. I can do anything I put my mind to. I looked at my very first YouTube video the other day and said "wow I don't even talk like that anymore". Even though I was proud of that video at the time, looking back at it I was still shy and insecure. I would've never felt comfortable doing what I'm doing today. But now I have planted my seed and I have blossomed. I don't toot my own horn enough so right now, while I'm feeling good about myself I'm tooting away. Lol I have grown tremendously because I found out what I love and how I'm going to use my talents. 

The new and improved me has accomplished more goals than I could ever imagine and I still have a super long list of goals. Crazy! I'm actually excited to go through this journey and experience this thing called life. I wanted this blog post to reflect that just the other day I wasn't the girl I am today and everyone has room for growth. Once you start realizing what you're good at, actually use your talents, then your life will start changing for the better. With that being said, "You haven't reached your full potential until you are doing what God has planned for you." Believe that quote and you will go far! 


Yvette Corinne