Take A Bike!

Hey hey!!

If you don't know, I've been living in Los Angeles for almost 4 years. Wow. I still can't believe it's been that long. I use to live in Burbank, which is a suburb of LA. I loved my area, but it was time for me to explore. I moved to Downtown Los Angeles and I didn't think I would but....I love it! There are so many different places to see and things to do. Since living downtown, I became a bike girl. Yes, little ole me loves to bike around town and explore new things. Now that I have my new Matte Coral Brighton from Brooklyn Bike Co. I'm biking in style! 


Where do I take my bike!? 


Echo Park - My favorite place to bike is the park! I go to Echo Park a lot because it’s always so beautiful. The palm trees, the lake, everything about Echo Park makes it very beautiful and relaxing. I bring my dog, pull out a blanket and relax. One of my favorite things to do is people watch and the park is perfect for that.  

Silver Lake - I also love to bike to Silver Lake. Silver Lake is such a vibe. It has a nice, hipster vibe with tons of cafes to hang at. My favorite thing to do is grab my favorite book and bike to a chill spot in Silver Lake.  

Icy Rush Ice Cream Shop - Los Angeles is known to have perfect weather, but you want to know what else is perfect about LA? There ice cream shops. There is ice cream on every corner. I bike to the Icy Rush ice cream shop because it's inexpensive and super delicious. Nothing's better than biking on a hot day and eating a cold, delicious ice cream cone! 

See how I biked in style below!