Why did I move to LA?!?

Why did I move to LA? If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me that I would actually be able to afford to live in LA. Instead, when people ask me this question I get nervous. Nervous because I wasn't sure why I moved to a city with no job, basically with no purpose. Who really does that? But I like to take risk apparently so my answered would be "It's just time for new scenery." Some people don't understand that statement either. They would give me a look of concern and proceed to ask several questions. 

"So what are you planning on doing?"
"How are you going to survive?"
"How will you pay rent?"
"What's your next move?"

When I first moved, honestly, I had no earthly idea. I mean I saved up some money but I had no real plan on what I wanted to do. So I started small. I started off modeling. Took some pictures with some photographers then I realized that acting looked cool too so I wanted to try that. Took a few classes here and there, got signed up on all the casting sites and thought I was ready to master the acting world. I started to notice that I was spending more money getting started than I was actually making, so naturally I got discouraged. And of course I slowly started to run out of money and had no choice but to get a job. I fell upon this job that I thought would be perfect for me but boy was I wrong. I'm not going to go into detail about my previous work experience but just know that I was unhappy with a capital U. During my time there I lost hope in everything I thought I wanted to do. I was so complacent at making the little amount of money I was making it was holding me back. I mean I would book something here and there, nothing major and that was it. I didn't have the grind, the desire, the push that I needed to make it in these LA streets. I just couldn't figure out my life and had no idea how to let go of this job I had. 

Why did I move here?

Was the question I started to ask myself. I can easily get a 9-5, make decent money and live a normal life. I have a college degree from a D1 institution why am I not utilizing it. I had this talk with myself almost everyday. Until I met two bloggers/Youtubers that I adore at a photoshoot and they convinced me to start a Youtube channel. So I started it and kinda sorta found my niche. I then knew that being in front of the camera was something I enjoyed I just needed to find a way to make my dreams reality (whatever my dreams are at this point). So here I am. 2 years later I finally realized it was time for me to quit my job. The job that was no longer benefiting me. I know that there has to be another part time job out there somewhere. So I'm back to square one but this time it's different. I now have this blog that I really love. Something about taking photos, putting together outfits and talking about my life experiences make me happy. I know you're probably thinking "But you can be a blogger anywhere in the world, you don't have to live in LA." You're right, but with everything I've experienced living here and where I am with my life I decided to give it another go. I've learned to love this place because of its endless opportunities so why not try again, right!? 

So today, August 18th, 2016, I'm starting over the journey I began two years ago. I'm searching for jobs, getting new headshots, looking for my next acting class, taking pictures for my blog, rebuilding my portfolio, just trying to build a name for myself. I want to fulfill a dream that a lot of people have when they move to LA. So the next time someone asks me "Why did I move to LA?" I can say....

"To fulfill MY destiny."

Yvette Corinne