The Oversized Plaid Blazer

Hey hey hey! 

Every time I get a good momentum on my blog posting something crazy happens and pushes me back. Does that happen to you guys? Right when you think you have it figured out, something happens! I'll save my story about what's going on in my life for later but right now I have a Fashion post for you guys. 

plaid blazer

I have been loving the plaid blazer trend that's been going on. It's very sophisticated and chic. I'm also loving how plaid is a thing again! I. Live. For. Plaid. Doesn't this blazer make you want to go out and buy you one? I bought mine in a size 6 because I wanted it to be oversized and belted. The cut on this blazer is also amazing! Topshop is sometimes pricey but this blazer was worth every penny. I'm going to list similar styles below and you can shop affordable and expensive looks below! 

All items worn from Topshop!