Trying Something New...

Happy Humpday guys!

Lately, I’ve been feeling the stress of social media. A lot of it stems from not working as hard the past few months and feeling like I’m behind. I have compared myself to so many people because I feel like I should be doing better by now. Why am I feeling so stagnant? The crazy thing about all of this is knowing that I’ve grown so much in real life and on social media, so why am I stressing about it?  I take days off where I just don’t post because I don’t feel inspired but then afterwards I feel like that was another setback, me feeling uninspired that is. How many of y’all feel this way or go through this? Not even just social media, but within your everyday life.

This feeling has given me the urge to try new things. Starting from my hair, my style, my website, my branding, everything! I feel like this outfit post is different than anything I’ve ever worn and I love it. "Improved me 2018" is my motto. 2018 did not start off crazy like last year but it hasn’t been amazing either. I'm going to call January my trial and error month. haha. I’ve been getting myself together all month, but I know the year is going to get 1,000 times better! If your year didn't start off amazing, you feel stressed or behind, let's start over together and try new things. Let me know if you plan on trying something new 2018! 

Yvette Corinne

Shirt: Forever 21

Pants: House of CB

Shoes: Topshop

Hat: Topshop