How To Have A Trendy Wardrobe (for less)

Hey Ladies!  I’m writing this post because one of my best friends always asks me to help her get staple pieces.  So, Jordan this is for you and all the girls out there who need a little help with their wardrobe. There are a few important tips you need to know to keep your wardrobe trendy without breaking the bank.

Tip #1. Find out your style!

Going shopping and not knowing your style makes your shopping trip 1,000 times harder.  You begin to think that everything you see is cute with no idea how you are going to style that cute item.  This happens to me when I’m shopping, and I have to stop and ask myself “Do you even have an outfit in mind for that?”  As crazy as it sounds, that helps me to determine if I really need that item or not. Finding out your style can eliminate all of that.   It took me awhile to figure out what my style actually was.  I used to wear just about anything that I thought was cute; but in a few months, I would be over it and never wear it again.  That was a waste of money!  Over the years my style has changed, but I do know that I have a special love for pants and skirts.

Tip #2. Whatever your thing is, stick to it!

Like I mentioned earlier, I’m obsessed with pants and skirts.  In these pictures, I decided to wear a pair of statement pants with a solid color top.  I’ve worn these yellow plaid pants a few times but in totally different ways each time.  I wear fun statement pants so much that people often tell me that pants are my thing.  While shopping, now I know that pants and skirts are going to look good on me; so I like to wear exactly what I know is one of my best attributes…my legs!  It is so important to find out what looks good on you because it makes shopping so much easier.  You’re not always wandering around aimlessly trying to decide what to buy, but instead you can go straight to “your thing!”

Tip #3. Stack up on the basics.

Now that you know what “your thing” is, you need all the basics in your wardrobe to pair it with. What are the necessary basics?  A black and white tee, black and white blouse, black strappy heels, black boots, nude heels, white tennis shoes, black and white skinny jeans, jeans in every denim wash, and a denim jacket of course.  Once you get the basics, you can mix and match all of your statement pieces.

Tip #4. Go thrifting!

I know this one sounds obvious, but the “trendy” pieces are always in the thrift stores.  You know why? Because fashion trends always repeat or come back around eventually!  Also, going to the thrift store is cheaper than trying to keep up with the trends at fast-selling retail stores.  Stores like Zara, H&M, TopShop and Forever 21 are always going to be on trend.  So, if you need an idea of what’s trending right now, you can go to any of these stores, get some outfit ideas and then find some vintage pieces at the thrift store to add to your statement pieces.  However, you may not find everything when you go thrift shopping, but you can always splurge at the retail stores, especially on your statement items.  That takes us to my last topic.

Tip #5. Make a monthly clothing shopping budget.

I know you are probably thinking that a monthly shopping budget is not that serious, but if you are a trendy chick on a budget then it is necessary.  You have everything figured out - you know your style and what your thing is, as well as you have all of your basics, and you know how to search for those trendy options at thrift stores.  Now, you can set aside $100 or whatever is in your budget, each month and go into your favorite stores and splurge on those statement pieces.  As you search for those pieces, I recommend that you visit Zara because Zara is always super trendy and not that pricey.  I personally love Zara because their pants fit me amazingly and pants are one of my things.  I rarely wear tops that are a statement piece but when I do, it’s more than likely an inexpensive top.  

There is an art to shopping, but once you’ve found your own style, figured out what your statement piece is, stacked up on the basics, and made a monthly clothes shopping budget: then your shopping trips will quickly become more productive and less stressful!

Try my tips, and you will soon have a Trendy Wardrobe for Less!


Photos by @Stefaniemmariee