Spring, Is That You?


Let me just start this blog off by saying, wow. It's March, about to be April. Why is time moving so fast!? I didn't even realize it was Spring until I kept getting tired at 9pm and remembered we lost an hour of sleep during Day light savings time. Even though it's only twice a year, it makes me sad every time. The only thing I love most about Spring forward is the extra hour of sunlight! It's always the most beautiful sunsets and the super nice weather, ahhhh Springtastic! 

Enough about my love for Spring, lets get into the trends this Spring and one of my favorite ones. I. AM. OBSESSED. WITH. FLORAL. PRINTS. I never thought I would say that, but floral is slowly becoming my favorite Spring trend. It's something about the girly, fun and flirty look that is winning me over. Some people hate floral print because they think it looks grandma-ish but honestly,  it's all about how you style it. This dress is particular is short and sexy, not a grandma look if you ask me. What I thought was cute about this dress is how it can be a nice going out dress or a casual everyday dress. 



First I paired it with this boyfriend style blazer from Zara. What I love about the boyfriend style blazer compared to a regular style blazer is how the boyfriend style blazer is long and is almost the same length of the dress. Giving the dress a sexy yet classy look. 

Then I thought it would be really cute to style it with a denim jacket and some white sneakers. This look is more my style because I love to show of my legs and still be comfortable. Another way I would wear this dress is with a black leather jacket and some boots. Make the dress look a little grunge chic. I'm going to be doing Spring trends all Spring, so stay tuned for the blog post! 

*Which look is your fav?*