Do You Have Good Friends?

Friendship. It's so important to have friends. Good friends that is. Not the ones that only call you up to gossip and tell you someone else's bad news. The friends that randomly call you to keep you on track and make sure you're doing okay. Good friends.

Without at least one good, solid friendship I would be nothing. Yea I said it. NOTHING! I am a people person and I love connecting with people on a daily. That is literally what I do. I’ve learned that I am very personable and I know how to instantly make someone feel like we’ve been knowing each other forever. It’s a skill! I didn’t realize it was a skill until recently, but that’s another blog for another day. However, I use that skill to build genuine connections and make good friends daily.

If you know me, you could say I have a lot of friends. Friends from home, friends from work, friends I made in LA, natural hair friends, blogger friends, the list goes on. I’ve always been that way. I enjoy making friends. People are intriguing and learning about different people brings me joy. You’re probably wondering, “how do you manage having several relationships with different groups of friends and not have them get messy?” It’s called being a diary full of secrets and not gossiping about your friends’ life to your other friends. A foreign concept.

Well, it took me a while to learn how to do that. I lost some friends along the way. The life-long friends. You know the friends that you had all your life and never thought y’all would be strangers, yea those friends. I like to say I lost those friends due to being immature, not thinking situations through and reacting solely on my emotions. It’s okay though, those friends turned into seasonal friendships. Seasonal friends are friends that were meant to teach you a lesson, for a season. I’ve learned so many lessons through my seasonal friendships that I don’t regret them at all. Now that I’ve learned a few things and grown into this person that I am today, my friends must be a reflection of me.

A reflection of me when we go out to eat, to an event, or to meet Barack Obama. I need to know that I am going to be proud of anything my friends do no matter what. I don’t want that thought in my head like, “why did I bring you here?” or "why am I feeling embarrassed?" No. I’ve had that for too long. I’ve experienced that before and it isn’t fun. The saying birds of a feather flock together is real. People will judge you based on the company you keep. Now the company I keep has to be a reflection of me. Your friends don't have to live the same lifestyle as you, however you should never feel embarrassed about your friend's actions. That is key!

I’m going on this rant to say, I have some AMAZING friends and I couldn’t feel more blessed. People that motivate me to do better, who look out for me when they know of an opportunity that would be good for me, friends that can vouch for me, friends that will listen to me cry when I’m at my worst, friends that will buy me food when I don’t have any money, friends that support anything I do just because we are friends. Good friends. My friendships are all so real and I couldn’t be more grateful. Friendships can be tricky but when you are a good friend you’ll receive even better friends in return. My motto for the day is: Be the friend you want to have, be authentic, be you!


Yvette Corinne